Metal Welding, Machining, Fabrication and Manufacturing

Metal Welding, Machining, Fabrication and Manufacturing

AIT provides quality metal welding, machining, fabrication and manufacturing services for walk-in, small single-component jobs to larger, more complex, single or multiple-component projects and systems. Work can be performed in the field, or in our 10,000 square foot facility.

Welding Services

Both in-house and portable welding can be provided. AIT has years of experience in the repair and manufacturing of different components and systems built from carbon, stainless or aluminum steel utilizing MIG, TIG or stick welding.

Custom CNC Plasma Torching

Plasma torching services for carbon, stainless and aluminum are provided for cutting from simple, lighter metal, custom ornate ornamental work, or to produce parts from the heavier steels up to 2” thick. CNC oxy/fuel torching on carbon steels up to 6” thick.

General Metal Machining

Metal machining services are performed with assorted sizes of manual metal lathes and mills.

Metal Forming

Whether customers require metal bending, rolling or punching to fabricate the components or equipment needed, AIT has manufacturing equipment to produce basically any shape of steel component.

AutoCad Drafting

AIT can manufacture either simple components or complex systems from customer supplied drawings, but also offers in-house drawing and design support utilizing AutoCad drafting software.

Millwright Services

Millwright type work can be provided for industrial customers. AIT has extensive experience in the installation, removal or repair of small or large industrial equipment and components.

Manufacturing Equipment (Partial List)

– CNC Plasma Torch (8’ x 20’ cutting table)

– MIG, TIG and Stick Welders

– Metal Brake (12’ x 225 ton)

– Metal Shear (10’ x 3/8”)

– Metal Rolls (Up to 8’ x 3/8”)

– 70 Ton Ironworker

– Metal Lathes (Various sizes)

– Milling Machine

– Metal Production Bandsaw (20” dia. Capacity)

– Hydraulic Press

The photos in the gallery below are just a few of the various types of equipment and components manufactured over the years. These few photos prove the diversified manufacturing capabilities of AIT.


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